November 29th, 2008

  • mumpish

Golgotha Fun Park

This is an abandoned amusement park I found on KY 70 between I-75 and Mammoth Cave. It's not up to usual 'Abandoned Places' standards and it's not even particularly remarkable - there are a lot of these parks still open, trying to live off the tourists headed to the national park. What grabbed me is the incredibly inappropriate name ... it didn't appear to have any overtly Christian theme, so I have to wonder if the owners knew the association.

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Abandoned Daiquiri joint in Cancun

Found this rusted spring break haven in Cancun.

It was a former Fat Tuesday's in Playa Tortugas not far from the hotel zone in Cancun. The guard said it was heavily damaged and abandoned after a Hurricane (Wilma?). Some googling also finds mentions of problems with local authorities and that there is a new Fat Tuesday's at Playa Linda a bit north. You could feel the ghosts of drunken beach partying mixed with the rust and sand.