November 30th, 2008

Small Fairy

Josset Leigh House, St. Lucia

It dawned on me as I was looking through my honeymoon pictures where my affinity for abandoned buildings came from...

This house sits on the northern end of St. Lucia, and is actually a seperate island named Pigeon Point. The house and Island belonged to a British actress named Josset Leigh. She lived on the island on and off for 40 years. She was quite the entertainer and her parties legendary. During WWII she ceded her deed to the island to the British, but it was restored to her after. Later, she gave the land to the St. Lucians and retained only her house on the point. She left St. Lucia in 1976 and most of her house was destroyed by the last hurricane to hit the island in 1980.


I'll try to find the other pictures I took of it after work :)

Light House

One day a work crew left the door unlocked and ajar... This place actually has a BASEMENT!!

Just inside the South Door... The right-hand doorway leads to the Basement...

Chain hoist and Iron spiral stair up - 4 floors all told...

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