December 8th, 2008

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Abandoned Places – Thousand Oaks – May 08

The Scary Dairy (Part 1 of 2)

No trip out to Ventura would be complete without including a stop at the former Camarillo State Hospital (for the Insane) Dairy ruins. Known more commonly as “the Scary Dairy,” the site has a reputation for being a party magnet and for being haunted.

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New London Cottage

Yes, the vulture is real. No, I didn't photoshop it in :)

My wife took this particular shot... which shows that she's a better photographer than me!

I spotted this tiny house with it's slate roof sitting by the road near New London Ohio. Who could resist stopping for a snoop & a few photos?

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Mr C's, Omaha, Nebraska

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Mr C's closed its doors forever on September 30, 2007. The building is scheduled to be demolished.

The funniest thing was this padlocked gate with big spaces between a line of brick pillars with plenty of space to walk through (see next photo).


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I have fond memories of going to Mr C's as a child. It is sad to see the passing of another landmark.
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I am Legend (2007)

I don't know if anybody talked about it yet.
The movie. I am Legend.
Well, the only thing I really liked in it was the way they made an abandoned Manhattan.
It looks actually kinda real and mind-catching.
Just wanted to share my opinion and also few screenshots, sorry small ones, but still..

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Soviet train station (Budapest, Hungary)

The Soviet Train Station or Soviet Train Hangars is an abandoned railway complex where many trains had reached their final destination. The reason why its called Soviet, is because it was built in Hungary during the Soviet times and later was abandoned during the regime change. In fact at the photo of the main building its still possible to see the red star above the main entrance. Interestingly, some trains that can be found there are not, just old, but in fact retro.

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