December 16th, 2008

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Cooksville Transfer Facility

Cooksville Transfer Facility consists of  two steel-framed, steel-clad buildings.  The green one was put up '82 or '83.  The larger brown building was put up just a couple of years later and the green one left open to the elements.  The brown building remains closed up and except for some non-railway vehicle parking it appears abandoned.  Both were for Canadian Pacific and are located on the Cooksville Subdivision in the middle of Mississauga ( a large suburb/edge city just west of Toronto ).  

You can't see the siding running into the green building but it is still there under the weeds, rusted heavily.  Obviously enough this is a truck/rail transfer facility.  Inside the green building remains a 20t Munk travelling crane.  I used to see gondola cars shunted into this location with steel products in them but I do not recall this place ever being all that busy.

Either way there is nothing happening there now.  Garbage has been dumped here and there is rusty railway scrap lying about.  Some evidence of teenage partying can be found ( vandalism, some fire damage ).  I was surprised at the ease of access to this abandoned place.  Usually, the railways are uptight about trespassing and quick to knock down structures they aren't using in order to avoid paying taxes on them.  Also, in the last few years scrap metal has been worth a good price so why leave this place standing?  I walked up the siding leading into the facility a ways and didn't see a switch so it looks like Cooksville Transfer is a write off. 

If anyone here can tell me more ... that'd be cool.  Cheers.


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Hello! I am home from college, and have been looking through my Weird NJ books, but everything abandoned seems to be so distant from me. Anyone know of anything in Northern New Jersey? (I do have a car, so South Jersey is OK too.) Thanks! Much appreciated!
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Underworld - The Rochester Subway

Rochester had a subway, many of the residents don't even realize that walking along Broad street. Rochester is the smallest city to ever have a subway. Now I use the term loosly, it was more of an underground light rail system using various streetcars with only a mile of the system actually underground.

Also some of the best graf art I've seen can be found here.

One thing learned down here...don't have a campfire unless you bring a fire extinguisher.

Tunnel Vision

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