December 18th, 2008

  • dj_axle

My Eyes are Burnings (Along with the Rest of Me)

Photech was a place that produced photographic printing materials for publication purposes (magazines, newspapers, publishers ect). The location was shut down in the early 21st century (we found paperwork from 2000 here) they just locked the doors and left, leaving inventory on the shelf, papers, computers, and chemicals laying around.

Although from the outside it really doesn't look like much of a location a few medium sized buildings on the property. But once you get inside you realize how big the place is. There's a massive underground tunnel network connecting everything, underground labs, and production room.

The place is a mess!

The main Office

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Psychopathic Hospital Redux

I went through and redid all the post processing for these and I was amazed at how much better I made them. I must have been lazy as hell before because they were terrible. I was getting back reflections off of my UV filter in some shots. I actually ended up buying B+W filters after this because of that so I wouldn't have that problem.

This place is the old part of a still in use hospital complex that specializes in schizophrenic patients. Unlike most hospitals around this one actually was for crazy people.

The day we went inside it was pouring down rain. We figured no one would be looking for us. But it was a big cluster fuck and the way in was basically flooded so we got soaked. I suppose it was worth it though.

Exteriors are from a different day. Interiors are from the rainy day...

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