December 21st, 2008


Rubber Factory...

So early Sunday morning I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine to go take pictures of this rubber factory. So I get at the meeting spot and about 5 minutes after we were supposed to meet he texts me saying he can't make it because his girlfriend is sick and needs to take care of her. So I say fine I understand. Now this place isn't super far from my house or anything but I don't wake up early on Sunday for no reason. So alone I decided I would at least go walk around the place and see what they had boarded up a couple months ago. So I get there and look around and climb around back and find a way in. So once I was in I figured I should snap a couple pictures to make it worthwhile. Long story short 2 hours later I had just gone through the whole place by myself. It was super creepy at first but after a while you get so occupied you don't even notice. I actually saw some of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen any place in this old rotten hell hole. This place was a rubber factory that made tires for trailers and smaller things like that. It's been closed forever and doesn't have anything factory related inside. For a while the space was rented out to artists who left a bunch of weird stuff behind. However about 4 months ago they came and bricked up a lot of windows and put boards over others so now this place is super dark in some spots.

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Located in Philadelphia, an old power station. The front portion of it is still in use, and since these photos have been taken half of it has been demolished.

I went back tonight after not going for awhile (somewhere around 5 months maybe). I wanted to see if it was still possible to get in, and it was a success! but no photos because 1. my camera is with a friend of mine (and im getting a new one within the week!) and 2. it was too dark..

I love how this whole building has it's own climate. The turbine hall has small stalagmites forming on the floor. It's pretty funny..

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