December 23rd, 2008



I've been here maybe 5 or 6 times now. Last time was less than a month ago but I wasn't happy with the pictures. It just so happened it was very cloudy and eventually rained which was perfect because the light was so soft. It's so harsh normally and washes out the details. But things were perfect today. Right on the one side of the place were all these construction trucks because they are finishing up the condos across the street. On the other side businesses were open which we did not expect for a Saturday. So we kind of had to sneak in. Once we got in we kept hearing voices from all the people around carrying into the building. For a while we thought someone else was inside with us because it looked like someone had thrown and then kicked some dirt down at us. Possibly to see if they heard people scurry away. We stayed quiet and decided to go up to the top and see if we saw anyone else because most likely it would just be another explorer. We went all the way up and never saw anyone. So who knows what made the dirt fall. Could have been wind it sure did sound like a foot dragging. But whatever.

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