December 29th, 2008


Mental Hospital

Saturdays spot was a partially active mental hospital. Last week or so another part of it caught on fire so we wanted to go check that out. Never ended up seeing any part that look burned up. A lot of it was even more rotten than just a couple months ago. I'm sure we will be seeing a collapse of one of the buildings soon if fire doesn't get to them first.

This place is near a pretty busy area but kind of behind and out of the way. Usually there are a lot of cars driving by because people cut through this place as a short cut. So we walked up the hill trying to be mildly sneaky and walked inside the one building. A lot of the floor has collapsed in on some parts so it is best to go back outside and climb the fire escape to get to the other building. So as soon as we get to the fire escape we can see over this hallway that connects two buildings and right there is a security truck that just drove up. He had stopped and presumably was looking right at us (he had tinted windows so I don't know) and we look right at him. He was basically on the other side of the building though so we just hauled inside. I had never seen any security actually driving around before. I figured maybe the fire earlier was deemed arson and now they were keeping a better eye on the place. We got really paranoid and thought maybe he would come inside looking for us. So we decided to go around the back and down the stairs into the dank ass dark mucky basement where we figured no one would ever look for us. So we camped out down there for like 30 minutes peeking out a hole and listening. We never heard any evidence that security ever got out and came looking for us. Eventually we just decided if we are going to get caught we might at least get the photos we came for. I was a bit concerned maybe the guy was waiting for real police to show up. But no one ever came and nothing happened. We escaped by climbing out of the basement and moving along the trees and crossing the main road and down a hill where no one can see you. It worked as no one stopped us or said anything. Presumably we looked at the security guy, he looked at us, we walked away and he said fuck it and drove off. I guess that is what $6/hr security buys you.

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