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Pictures taken on Lenin's birthday four years ago in Penza region, Russia

Yes, these are the abandoned monuments to Lenin and the ruins of some churches and noble estates, which were abandoned because of the destrucitive activities of Lenin and his followers. In the background of the first monument you can see the ruin of the Intercession church (1905) in the village Ust'-Karemsha.

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The other five pictures were taken two days later in one of the most famous and luxurious noble estates dating back to the epoch of Catherine the Great (late XVIIIth century) - Nadezhdino ("Place of Hope"), which belonged to the family of the princes Kourakin. Both monuments to Lenin somehow remind me a famous painting of Pieter Brueghel the Elder "The Blind Leading The Blind". The churches and the houses have been desroyed, the gardens have been trmapled down and burned down, millions of people have been killed, but he still calls on: "Forward, blind flock!" But you ain't going nowhere...

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