January 1st, 2009


Abandoned HBO Soundstage for "The Wire"

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I should note this place was DARK. Photos make it look like it has the lights on but those are just skylights letting in light from outside. Most of these exposures are on a tripod at 30 seconds. Some even had to be pushed in photoshop to be bright enough. I was going to hit this up again but it appeared that they had returned and set it up for use in a new show.

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From 1902 until 1982, this compound was known as the Ladd School (a mental hospital and rehabilitation center). Now called the Joseph P. Ladd Center it is an abandoned site. The buildings today are deserted and in total disrepair. The area is crumbling on itself slowly and the only new thing is the graffity on all the walls and the garbage on the floors. The area use to contain 10 buildings including a 6-story hospital, a large gym recreational center, a power plant with 400 foot tower, a community center, a dorm room building, a class room building, a crematorium, a cafeteria center, and a few administration buildings. Now only a few of those buildings are left, and those remaining are falling apart.

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