January 2nd, 2009

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Abandoned Places – Oxnard – May 08

The Wheel Inn - The passing of a legend

On what had been the original routing of US 101 (The 101 Freeway for most southern California residents) where Oxnard overlooks the Santa Clara River, is a California legend. The Wheel Inn was a warm cozy motor hotel catering to travelers of all sorts driving into and out of Los Angeles from the north.

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As Nature Reclaims

The over grown ruins of the former Flintkote factory sits quietly without being seen by many. Only the former water tower stands out as the landmark.

The place is huge, I haven't been able to find a good history on the place, all I know is that they made felt there, and when the company went under, the city was left with the bill to clean up the massive envrionmental damage left on the property.

It must have been built up over several years because of the different constuction styles spread out through all the buildings. You can get lost in this complex, but it conveys such beauty.

Water Tower

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Mental Hospital III

Made it back here to get pictures of the 3rd building. We also found a 4th one that was open but right next to the active part. However it looked like it was used to store old furniture just as this one is so we suspected it was pretty boring. I did get some exteriors of the rest of the place though...

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