January 5th, 2009

art in abandonment

I was really surprised to see this community in the spotlight the second day I joined LJ because I can actually contribute to it. I'm a photographer and I loooove abandoned places. The way I see it is, anyone can pick up a camera and take a beautiful photo of something that is already beautiful, but to take a beautiful, moving photo of something that the majority of people try to avoid or ignore is true art. Ironically, my photography final last semester was on this topic so here are a few photos I'd like to add to this community.


I stumbled across this group on the front-page feature. :-) I've been nuts about old buildings for years! My hubby thinks I'm insane because I have to stop and take pictures pretty constantly on road trips. Here's a few taken as we were driving away from the Arch in St. Louis, MO last Friday:

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Double Octagon House

Back in the day of the Ford Pinto there were some odd back-to-nature houses built... This one is rapidly heading back to a totally natural state of decay.

As I approached, a fox ran out the front door.

The layout is two connected octagons, one about 1/2 the size of the other, and a separate octagonal garage. On the South side, between the two octagonal sections was a greenhouse area...

Abandoned Octagon House

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my old house

I used to live in an old farm house that had laid abondoned for some 2 decades before we started renting it. We've since moved to a place we could afford to buy.  It was fun rehab-ing all the old windows.  It is no longer an abandoned house.

The house was really weird. It used to be a place to buy moonshine, an Inn along an old stage coach line here in the mountains.  One of the out buildings was actually the first house, a precivil war farm house with a rotten log cabin frame and kitchen additions, with a storm ruined tin roof. I like to write short stories about the things I experienced while living there.

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I hope that by clicking add for this spotlight group, I might find some new interesting people to add as friends to my flist.

I hope the moderators don't lose their cool while they struggle with new fame of being a spolight. That seems to break the back of many a decent group that gets this kind of attention....best of luck folks!

and thanks for your kind encouragement JJ
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So I found this community on the featured list. I'm a photographer in Orlando, FL and I love shooting in abandoned locations. Most recently I shot in a house that still looked like all the belongings of the people were still there...a Steinway Piano on the front porch covered in about an inch of dust, couches, tvs, beds, clothing, all of it. But it had all been torn to pieces...thrown on the floor, water logged, and ruined. I didn't take any pics of the house itself because I mainly shoot models, so here are some of the pics I took...

I've shot a ton of images in abandoned locations...mainly houses and warehouses, but none of the places have had this much stuff left over from the previous occupants...there have been left over tv's, dishes, furniture, and assorted house wares, but nothing like this place. I wonder what happened to these people? What made them leave all their belongings? The house was beautiful, although the stench of cat urine could be smelled walking up to the house. Two stories, wood frame, beautiful large screen enclosed front porch, murals, fire place, and brightly colored bedrooms. It looked like they had left in the middle of packing...there were so many boxes. Clothes still on hangers in the closets. Dishes still in cabinets. It was a strange house and gave off this creepy vibe that none of the other houses I've encountered ever have.
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my current favorite abandoned place

There's a nice beach under this highway bridge and It's a great take out for canoes after a day or intermediate whitewater paddling and fishing. The county comes along and removes the nazi symbols and crap the local rednecks like to spray paint on the columns. 

I'm still searching for an image of my OLD house...

Northampton and Goodyear

I found this community in the LJ Spotlight. I love abandoned places! They're so mysterious allow your mind wander to all the possibilities of times past.

Sadly, I don't have any photos of these places I'm about to talk about (I've taken photos of some, but before I had a digital camera, so I don't have any of them scanned into the computer). But I can describe them for you.

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I guess this community is probably getting a lot of new members now that it's been featured, and I have to admit that I'm guilty of recently joining as well. xD
My friend (xombiemonster) showed me an abandoned school and I know she'll probably join this community once I tell her about it as we are both very interested in exploring abandoned places. Here are some of my favorite shots from the school.

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Rural Decay

I live in the foothills of Appalachia.  It's an area with a lot of rural decay.  As more of the old ways die out, the more ruins there are left over from the Great Depression, and what not.  This is a series of photos I took less than a mile from my own house.  This house was condemned because it's too close to the main highway and the owner refused to tear it down.
The model in the images below is a friend of mine.  We decided to check out the house, and asked the owners if we could explore and take pictures.  They thought I was a bit crazy, but after a few minutes agreed, as long as we didn't go through any closed doors.  They were afraid that if we opened a door that the framework would give way.  So we didn't go inside anywhere except one back doorway.  I'm hoping to go over there if/when it snows because that would look amazing.  The only downside to mild Southern winters.

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congratulations on being in the spotlight

Hi!  I'm really glad that I found this community.  I've got a bunch of photos of unforgettably odd places that I've stumbled into.
  I thought I would introduce myself to everyone with one of my favorites --  right outside of little Englewood, Florida there's a quiet entrance to the state forest.  they used to leave the staff entrance open and i'd always go back there with my jeep and my dog.
  One day I went a little further than normal, and discovered two small abandoned houses in the middle of the long dirt path.  It proved to be an awesome place to go on full moon nights with small-town friends.  I'd call it a highlight of my life.

Here's a link to the location on google (you can see them):  maps.google.com/maps

    Sorry that these pictures aren't amazing quality...   I used to use a polaroid camera all the time : )

Can't wait to see the pictures that show up!  XD

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First Post!

I was very happy to see this in the spotlight today, so I'll start with a post of two of my favorite shots that I've taken in abandoned places:

Window of a vacant townhouse off Main Street in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland And a set of stairs in a seemingly vacant warehouse off River Road in Ellicott City Maryland:



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First post - Ohio

Hi all! I'm a new member, thanks to the LJ spotlight. I don't think this has been posted yet, so I thought I would share my photos. I live about 45 minutes away from an abandoned amusement park in Ohio and have visited twice. Behind the cut are photos from each of my visits.

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Two Locations in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi there everyone! I just discovered this place via a new LJ friend, and was thrilled to find it! I've been exploring abandoned farm houses, and hospitals since I was 14 years old. Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures (taken while I was doing a Project 365 back in 2007) that I can share with you today.

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Now for the second location. Unfortunately it is illegal to enter the premises of this building. While it is no longer in use, they still have a guard at the front entrance, who lives there.

It's the old Fort Qu'Appelle Tuberculosis Sanatorium. It was used up until the 1960's. Not only is it now abandoned - having been used for some time as the Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, and as the Echo Valley Conference Centre - but it is also the most haunted place in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you'd like to read more, here is a link.

Since I was not able to get INTO the buildings to take pictures - though I would DEARLY love to. I did climb a hill BEHIND the San to take some pictures.

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I really wish I could have gotten better/more pictures of The San.

I'm hoping this summer to go back out to Fort Qu'Appelle, and do more grid road drives searching for abandoned houses. Only this time I'll have a camera - not like when I was 14.

I hope you enjoyed the photos I did have! And I look forward to viewing everyone else's abandoned place photos!
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"In the harsh conditions of Sao Paolo, graffiti artists are pushing street art in new and often dangerous directions. We investigate these artists work, amongst pools of filth and armies of cockroaches.
Sao Paulo's art movement sometimes goes beyond the streets and into the citys sewers. This is a rainwater gallery in the sewage system, tells artist Zezao. Whilst some street artists are being tempted into top art galleries, some still find their home streets inspirational. I imagine that in a different city where problems are more subtle I would not have the same inspiration to create, a local artist explains." = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czUERGo6Eoo

Clothing Factory retrospect part 1

This place was recently locked up within the last month and they have started to clean it up supposedly to rehab the building and put it to use. Really sad because in it's day it was absolutely the most preserved abandoned place I have ever seen (as far as what was left behind). They just left one day and left everything behind. Over the last year though I watched people vandalize and smash the place up a lot. It's a shame really. So this set is going to be like a best of.

Little history; it was a Men's clothing store/factory from the 1970s (maybe earlier) until about 1985 it seems. They made suits and trench coats mostly judging by what was left behind. They had 4 floors in this place. The bottom is a large open space that looks like a parking garage almost. The 2nd floor was little rooms, perhaps offices. That 2nd floor became a homeless squat and you can see 40oz bottles and trench coats piled up to make beds. The 3rd and 4th floor was the actual factory with tons of sewing machines, fabric, coats and jackets everywhere. The office in this place was a perfectly preserved early 1980s office with giant computers that took 8'' floppies and other primitive devices like punch cards. I should note that these were all taken before I started bringing a tripod so they are at least at 400iso and aren't as pretty as my more recent ones. You might notice the quality improves as you get farther down just since I got better at it. There are 83 photos in this set I picked out of 400. I am going to split it into 2 posts since 83 pictures is just too much for one post. But I think you need all of them to get the whole picture.

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Collapsed Barn

First post here... So far, I love what I see here.

I took this shot earlier in the year in Milpitas, California.


This is a barn I boarded my horse in - about 20 years ago. IT WAS sound - structurally and aesthetically.

Time has taken a toll, along with mudslides, termites and earthquakes.
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I joined! Love all your pics. Didn’t realize there are so many of us stumbling around in abandoned building and cemeteries. This is the 3rd floor of Bosque Conservatory in Clifton, Tex. This building was a college that shut it doors, and then was donated to the city of Clifton. The first and second floor have been renovated, but the third floor remains as is. Where does that door lead?



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Slaughter Beach, DE

I live in Hockessin, DE, but my grandparents have a beach house in Slaughter Beach, DE. Really cool place. Feels like I'm in a time warp when I go there! History: Slaughter Beach Delaware is a tiny town of 133 on the Delaware Bay. Founded in 1681 and incorporated in 1931, it was home to the only wooden frame lighthouse still standing in Delaware, which was recently destroyed by lightning. Slaughter Beach, Del., has no grocery store, though it once did. It has no gas station, no hotel, and no boardwalk, though it once did. There are fewer inhabitants in this fishing town of 130 than it had at the turn of the century. Once a popular resort town for vacationing families, population in Slaughter Beach declined as erosion devoured its shoreline. A powerful hurricane in 1962 ravaged the beach, dumping sand into the main street and filling summer cottages with water. The disaster seemed to set off a chain reaction that included the closing of the liquor store, the general store, and finally, the restaurant that once operated adjacent to the now deserted Mispillion Lighthouse.There are at least two stories of where the towns name came from: The first is that it was named after William Slaughter, A local postmaster in the mid 1800s. The second story claims “the name came from the horseshoe crabs that wash up on shore and die each year. They come near shore to shallow water to lay their eggs and the low tide strands them leaving them to die, thus the "slaughter." I just LOVE going to the house and feeling like I'm walking among ghosts around the town- this past summer I went just about every weekend. I don't have too many great pictures that display the atmosphere but next time I go (we've closed the house for winter) I will take more pictures! One of the best things about the place is this abandoned fort. Fort Saulsbury. It's privately owned and last time I was there I actually got chased off by the owner (oops). I swear he is hiding something in that fort. He is so protective of it, although I can see why. It was first used for defense in WWI, but held prisoners of war in WWII! The "inside" was so creepy; I got these icy chills from the moment I stepped in. It's completely untouched, dark dark dark, you can clearly see the cells where the prisoners were held. This site www.fortsaulsbury.org has some low-quality pics on it. Definitely worth taking a look! (click "virtual tour") My pics from Slaughter Beach; more under cut Collapse ) We have so many abandoned places in Delaware, and in fact two of my former barns where I kept a horse are now abandoned and rapidly falling apart, so I'll be back with those pics.

Abandoned water treatment plant

My friend showed me this abandoned water treatment plant a couple months ago. We went exploring and climbed on a bunch of things. Apparently a worker fell into the vat(shown below) and was killed by the giant mixer, I don't know how true that is but it makes an interesting story.

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I wish I took more pictures!
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Abandoned in Memphis

I just found this community this morning, and I've been enjoying everyone's posts. I've started a list of abandoned places I know of here in Memphis. So you'll probably see more of me soon, but I do have a little something to offer for my first post.

I took these pictures in 2006, and have always been rather enchanted by them. It was a condemned house next to my church that was purchased for the sole purpose of being torn down. I'm really glad I got these pictures when I did!



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So obviously you find tons of interesting things while exploring. What are your thoughts on taking something you find, whether it be a folder of medical files, a chair, or a small trinket? Have you ever taken something? Do you consider it stealing?

After watching this community for a while, I was just curious. I have never been "guilty" of it, but I can't deny that I would have a pretty intense debate with myself if I found something that caught my eye. I would like to hear other people's thoughts on the issue.

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Hi!! I'm new- I never even thought about looking for a LJ community about this.
Anyway, I live in LA. I've been here about 2 years now. I know there's endless things to look at here. Even a lot of live sites to check out that are fantastic.

I'm actually crap at photography. I just like to take pictures of stuff that catches my eye.
I also have a thing for photographing Ladies' Room signs and doors. Double plus when I find one in an abandoned building! =D

I've only got a couple pics on this computer, and I honestly can't figure out how to make an lj-cut work.  :'(
so here's a couple small images.

They are both from an old jail.
btw; I love birds too!

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Since I'm out on my own now here, when it warms up just a tad There's a bunch more places I've spotted I want to go to. I love LA. *sigh* 

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