January 8th, 2009

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Near Fort Monroe, VA, USA

SO glad this comm was spotlighted, I love it already. Finally, someone with which to share my love for random old places!

I haven't seen any pictures of waterfront abandonment, so I tossed this together. Hopefully, it's suitable for this comm. I think the only sequence of questionable abandonment is of the old pier; if it isn't suitable, just let me know (politely) and I'll remove that part.

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Hopefully, I'll be able to snag some interesting stuff in Baker, CA, the next time I drive through the desert to Vegas. I saw some interesting stuff when I went through over Thanksgiving-- abandoned fast food joints, motels, and auto repair shops. It's like a partial ghost town in some parts.
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Strip of Abandoned Houses

This place...wow, what a find. The story from the mother is as such: These eight homes were built in a row, but the property manager was unsatisfied with the condition of the homes. All the tenants were evicted. The funny part is the houses are more neglected now: some broken doors, shattered grass, messy lawns. None of them look the same, I'm pretty sure some of these probably go back to the '50s or '60. They all ached of loneliness, as they are quiet and cold, a harsh contrast compared to warm pasts filled with holiday cheer.

I tried to shoot them in order: Front of the house, detail, back. There's eight, then a trailer, and some bonus nature shots. Note that nearly all the light-bulbs were left in place. All the windows were boarded over, so even if I did go inside, I would have been in sheer darkness.

Sorry my shadow is on some of these, the light was awful.
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An old Diakovo cemetery in Moscow

I went to Kolomenskoye this October to see the famous church and other buildings of XVI century. The place is famous for being the favourite residence of Ivan the Terrible; Peter the Great has also been there. But in the end of my trip I saw something special among the high hill behind a woody ravine: an unknown church of unusual appearance.

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Old House In Idaho

Hi there! I am a first time poster. I love to find these kind of places:)

This is a house we drive by going to the dump. One day my kids and I decided to do a little investigating. When we drove up there were cows surrounding it. There was definely a creepy vibe to this place.......can you feel it?

5th Dev

These photos are not aesthetically pleasing, but they do have a good story. At St. Bonaventure University, there is a dormitory named Devereaux Hall. It burned down once, and was reconstructed. The 5th floor hasn't been occupied in decades. There are all kinds of stories as to why this is. The most popular is that a boy accidentally hung himself from the top bunk of his bed. There are all kinds of stories and accounts of strange things happening in Dev. 5th Dev is the big secret though. No staff or faculty, not even our beloved friars will talk to anyone about 5th Dev. There was always a rumor that if you got in and were caught, you would be automatically expelled. So of course I had to go in. There are all kinds of mysterious places on campus, and 5th Dev was my first conquest. A friend and I (who is now my boyfriend of 3 years...awwwwww) got in, and he took some pictures. It was completely dark, and all we had was a dim flashlight and the flash on his camera. So as I said, they're not pretty pictures, they're sheerly evidence of our presence there. But it was something that a very elite few had ever done. Just to be clear, 5th Dev truly is abandoned. University Administration has said numerous times that 5th Dev will not be discussed and will not be restored any time in the near future. Much like my first post, it is eerie to have something so mysterious literally on top of you while life continues beneath it.

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Old house, Huskvarna, Sweden.

This community have really inspired me to dare to go into this house.
It's very close to where I live and also in the middle of a resort region so alot of people have been passing it when takinig a walk or running in the tracking trails around there.
And also I guess alot of people have been in there before me.
But I'm too scared. haha. But I promise, I will someday this spring.
(This picture was taken in April 2006, but this house have been there all empty as far as I can remember)

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An abandoned crack house

This is an abandoned house very near the centre of my city. It's probably near 70-80 years old although I couldn't find the exact date because there are no records for that time period. The house was most likely nationalized during the communist rule.

It was returned to its rightful owner after 2000. but she never did anything with it. It remained there until late in 2008. when it was torn down to make way for a commercial residential building.

While it stood it was prominently used as a hang-out for local junkies. I guess many people will be happy to see it gone because it was located right next to a high-school.

These are as far as I know the last photographs of the house ever taken. I took them maybe a month before the house was demolished.

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Eastern State Penitentiary

I really enjoy this community and have been watching it for a while. This is my first post, though I've been photographing abandoned places for many years. Unfortunately, my photos are mostly on film or in my old computer and I've just not had the time to go through and convert them yet. I will be though. Anyway, these are a few I've taken recently at Eastern State. (Yes I was inspired by the previous post on ESP) All but one are taken on film with an old Minolta that I found with some garbage on the streets of NYC. I hope ya'll enjoy them.

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Model photography and Abandoned Places


Up till a few minutes ago, I'd been very pleased with how well the massive influx of new members and old were interacting. Then a post went up which seems to have drawn the snark out in full force.

One: If you have ANY question about the appropriate nature of a post to this community, contact me FIRST! Do not pass snark. Do not collect stupid points in the eyes of the community and the moderator. PERIOD! This is a sure way for me, your usually mellow moderator to delete posts and/or ban users.

Two: Though it's not written in the profile, its been a long established understanding among long term members that 60% of a photo posted here MUST show detail of an abandoned place. Several of us who post here are professional photographers (waves) and use abandoned sites for shoot locations for the very same reason we shoot the sites otherwise - they are incredible locations with great character. Likewise, they must not be using the photo to beg for business.

In the recent case, only one photo was moderated out of bounds and as the poster noted this was from an old shoot. Put simply, the post was fine. The response by several members, including the original submitter were not fine.

JJ does not like to resort to the ban button, but will use it to keep the peace.
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Detroit, Michigan USA

Not new but I've enjoyed all the recent activity and posts from all over the world.  My previous post is here.  (They were taken by my girlfriend).  I've been wanting to do more exploring since there is a lot of potential in Detroit.  Would anyone in the area want to form an expedition party to explore and take pictures as a group?  A group project or several posts from different POV's of the same place would be interesting.

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Here's another picture taken on our trip to SD last May (08).  This one was actually taken in Aberdeen (yes, we were all over the state!), of an old house on the way out of town.  It was taken on the fly (slowed down at a green light and rolled down the window); but still turned out pretty decent.  If you can blow it up to look at the full size you can see a coat of arms in the door!


overlook mountian house

Hello! I am new here, the photos below were acctually taken by my boyfriend (i shot on a very old nikon 35mm and haven't gotten the photos developed yet, don't know how they'd even have come out). They are of The Overlook Mountain House, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Catskills at the turn of the century. It is just outside of woodstock new york, about 3 miles up the Overlook Mountian. It was the highest elevation hotel in the catskills. The rubble that remains now is what was left of the third incarnaton of the building, the bulding had been destroyed by fire twice throughout the 19th and early 20th century. In 1923, after the second fire, the concrete facade and many outbuildings were constructed on the site, but never finished due to financial issues. What remains today is the concrete skeleton of the main building and the also unfinished "1928 building", which was to be used as a lodge.

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Army Hospital at The Presidio of San Francisco

In the Summer of 2008 I had the opportunity to tour the interior of the abandoned hospital in the Presidio of San Francisco. I was living and working in the Presidio at the time, so I'd driven by this building many times, and always wondered what it looked like inside. I was thrilled at this chance. I'm not a pro photographer, I just like old buildings, so my photos are strictly amateur, but I hope others can enjoy these unique shots. I believe the building was torn down shortly after this.

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Anyone Home

This was taken in Newberry, South Carolina.  I went fishing with my dad and he took me to a little dirt road off the beaten path and this is where I found this beauty.  Needless to say I didn't get much fishing done.

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A big thanks to all of you for the wonderful response you gave. So putting up more pictures.

This one is a part of a famous temple . Now it houses a novelty store of sorts. Yet the decay shows .

Storage House

This storage house was abandoned and left by my husband’s family. It was built in the 1900’s. We had it moved to the family farm in Saint Matthews, SC. We will use it for gardening supplies and other little planting projects. It was well built. I look forward to learning more about the family farm, since it is over 200 years old. They are cotton and peanut farmer, and now my husband runs it. For me this is a treat, because I love to take photographs and there is a lot of abandoned houses/buildings in the surrounding area.