January 10th, 2009

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Texas Lodge, San Juan Bautista, California

This was a building that looked condemned that caught my eye when crossing the street in the opposing direction. It had a sign on it saying, "Texas Lodge, an establishment for Free Masons". Not sure what it is/was for, but it really caught my eye on the corner in this little town.

Basically the only other thing in this town was the Mission, and it's on the original El Camino Real.
Living Camera

Rural Factory

First time poster, long time admirerer...

These are taken off US62 between Hermitage and Mercer, PA at what I think is a concrete factory that has been overgrown for what appears to be a long time.

My old trusty SLR had some light leak problems, hence the odd UFOs in each picture.  I've taken only these handful, as the leak kind of plays into the place.  In spring (as the access to this is unpaved and off a country road), I'm planning a full expedition, digital, new SLR, Lomo POP-9 with slide film...the whole nine.


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Oooh Pretty!
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Hi! My name is Morgan. I saw the community in the Spotlight and *Had* to check it out. I am Very glad that I did. There are some WONDERFUL pictures and .. well, you all know that already!

I have especially enjoyed the Hospital Pictures. They fascinate me. I'm kind of odd in that way. My dad is a mortician, so I've always been a bit intrigued by death and places associated with it. I also work with kids who have various disabilities. So, it is really interesting to me to look back and see what kind of places they were put into.

I don't have any pictures of abandoned places at the moment.
In the spring and summer, I think I am going to go explore, as I have been inspired by the community. On that note, does anyone know of any places in Iowa that would be good to check out? I've been racking my brain and haven't thought of any. I have also tried to recreate drives through the state in my mind, trying to remember any out of the way places that look to be no longer used. I'm drawing a blank.

Anyway, I'll hush and go back to enjoying the pictures ... Thank you for creating such a wonderful place!

Sutro Baths (San Francisco, California)

Hello. My name is Lauren.

These photos were from July.
Here's a little history on Sutro if you've never been there/never heard of it.

The Sutro Baths were a large privately owned swimming pool complex in San Francisco, California built in the late 19th century. The building housing the baths burned down in 1966 and was abandoned. The ruins may still be visited.

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Snow Bound Cabin

Cabins look so... appropriate in the snow - including abandoned ones.

This particular place has been given - with it's ponds & property - to a local arboretum. They don't really want the cabin, and have unsuccessfully trying to get various historical societies to take it over. So it stands with an uncertain future...

Sorry, no interior access at this time...

Abandoned Cabin in the Snow

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Kopperl, Texas
I came across the contents of this old building and it angered me. The roof and floor are collasping all around these old cars. Any one of them would be worth a bundle if they had been restored. I know the people in the town must know it is there. There are gapping holes all around the building. How many of us wish we could afford to buy and store some of our favorite cars? What for? Only to have them ignored by who we leave them to after we die.
God I can't believe people sometimes.....

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In my town, there are a ton of old buildings, but not a lot of them are totally abandoned. A few that I wanted to take pictures of apparently have people living in them now. ^^; So I went to various spots that I knew were empty and had been for some time; I plan to hunt out more when I have the time.

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What a wonderful site! Such beautiful photos. I've always loved old things and lonely places. I was wondering if you guys were familiar with the poem, The House With Nobody In It , by Joyce Kilmer. I can't say that I feel as if all abandoned places fit this poem but its been one of my favorites since I was about 8. 

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hello everyone!

COOL! i finally found a community that shares the same interest as me. :)

i really hope i'll be able to post some pictures soon, i'm planning to buy myself a camera so i can take pictures of some abandoned places here. there are many abandoned places here in philippines, most of them are pretty scary but they are fascinating.

hmm, do you guys think an ordinary digicam [like sonycybershot] can do? i don't have enough money to buy a SLR camera right now. :P
your pictures are all great. will try to post soon. 
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Not quite dead yet

'nother newb checking in

Greetings all. If I make it through moderator perusal (waves), this will be the first post. These little offerings were taken in Southern Illinois on and around the five acres I live on.   All were taken with a FinePix S5200 poS.

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