January 13th, 2009

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Abandoned Places over Abandoned Places

Ruins and derelict places have alway drawn me to them. It was, and is as if they have a story to tell. Sometimes I think I catch some fragment of those stories. And from one place I ran in fear, but that is another story.

Trier, the city I live in is one of the oldest, maybe the oldest, in this country. But it is a living, breathing city ever changing, ever growing it has done so for more than 2 thousand years and so sometimes an abandoned place makes way for something new and another abandoned place resurfaces.

One of the strange things here in Germany - combining German and English words...
This is what the place looked like when I came to this town.

Here you can see that I sneaked behind the barrier. The building used to be a bookstore, you can still see where they sold books on law and taxes.

This is the rest of the City Parkhaus. Underneath they found this:

ruins under the ruin

Strangely enough the ruins are medieval not Roman, which makes them quite unusual in this town. ;)

Sorry the pictures aren't very good they were made with my old camera, a pretty crappy thing. My new mobile phone makes better pics...
But i thought you might like those anyway.

Amusement Park

Out of all the abandoned places I've seen Amusement Parks have to be my favourite

I'm not exactly sure where this is. I stumbled upon the site defunct parks.com and fell in love with what I saw. There wasnt any info on the park at all or any photo credits
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School's Out Foooooreeever!

The old St. Anthoney's Catholic Elementry was both the fastest and slowest demoltion job ever. This school located outside the main downtown core of the city sat sat empty as it had been replaced by a brand new building that sat in what used to be the playground for this building.

I was first alerted to this abandonement through an article in the Toronto Star's "Fixer" section that complained about the alley way filling up with trash and construction material. As it turned out, to build the new building they ripped out half of the old school's gym, then applied plywood to seal the hole.

So even with the new school in full use, the old one just sat there. I managed to get inside three times (Dec 06, Jan 07, and Mar 07)

Shortly after that it was gone, litterally overnight the building was torn down, a parking lot installed and the area landscaped.

Slowest yet fasted demo job ever.


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abandoned houses, Kerhonkson, NY

Hudson Valley, New York, middle of September. Namely the hamlet of Kerhonkson. I've passed by these two houses every time my friends and I walk to Stewart's shop down 42nd St. Unfortunately, 42nd St connects 209 to Rte 44/55 so it's pretty darn busy, and there are numerous apartments across the street from the first house that make it impossible to get into.
I did not grow up in Kerhonkson, nor is there much information on the hamlet, but it's pretty much fallen into ruin. Main St is pretty desolate as it is, and it's been a breeding ground for immoral activities. All of that aside, I'd love to get inside of the first home at some point -the second one scares me too much, haha.
Please pardon the bad lighting, it was getting dark and I tried to fix them up. (My Sony Cybershot began to hate me after 6 months.)


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I had made a post a while back about the abandoned Rosendale Cement Factory and plan on taking a trip back there again this coming weekend, so I should have the pictures of the insides of the silos coming soon.

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It's great to find a community on LJ that is devoted to the joys in trespassing!

Last winter, my friend and I took the tram over to Roosevelt Island's crumbling Small Pox Hospital.
Of course just looking at it would never be enough in our world. My friend and I somehow managed to get past two fences, over a ton of rubble and weeds 3 feet taller than my head (in platform boots, no less) to explore the ruins.
It was freezing and windy as hell, but SO WORTH IT. We spent over an hour in there walking around what is left of this amazing place.

I only had my blackberry camera on me, so these aren't the greatest quality, but at least documented our adventure.

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angel in wood

Near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. Church and Mansion.

I am loving this site, and would never have known about it if not for the spotlight.

This is my first post here. I am passionate about photography, and I seem to gravitate towards the abandoned and decaying.

I do not know the history of this church, or maybe it's a chapel really, or why it was abandoned, but I find it very beautiful. It is right on the main Cirencester-Stroud road, and every time I pass it, I want to stop and take more pictures.

abandoned places, church, Gloucestershire, art

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The second building, Woodchester Mansion, was built by a wealthy man commencing in the 1850's. He died in 1873 and it was never completed. His family lived in part of it, but eventually left it. It started to deteriorate badly for lack of funds. It is not exactly abandoned, as now funds have been raised to restore some of it, but a lot of it is still in (very photogenic) ruins, and there is no glass in the facade windows. It is open to the public occasionally and used for photoshoots and exhibitions. It is said to be haunted.

abandoned places, Gloucestershire, Woodchester

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jag - kaffe 2

Site with pictures of deserted places

Don't know if this has ever been posted on here.
But this site has some amazing pictures.
This guy goes to places all over Sweden and Europe and finds deserted places to take pictures of.
Worth checking out his pictures.
And just so you know, it says NY next to some pictures but that has nothing to do with New York, it just means new in Swedish ;).

Unfortunately not all pictures have captions on the english site.
But some others do, and thre's some very interesting reading =)
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My friend and I recently just drove from Boston to southern Florida, and we found a myriad of interesting places along the way. One of my favorites, however, was an abandoned gas station just off of I-95 somewhere in North Carolina. We parked Bogart (my car, as I refer to it/him) alongside the old filling stations, sat on the car's trunk, and ate our lunch. Obligatory pictures followed.

PS. Excuse the poor-ish quality. They were taken with my iPhone. To be honest, I'm impressed with how well they came out, given the fact that I was using my mobile.

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We went inside too, but mobile meant no flash, which meant no pictures. :[ Sorry guys.