January 15th, 2009

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Northern Ireland, Scotland, Germany

Here are some pictures I took during a 6 month study abroad in Derry, Northern Ireland. Of course, I took advantage of the proximity (and cheap flights) to other parts of Europe, so these pictures are from Ireland, as well as Scotland, and Germany. I went to a bunch more places, but I don't have "abandoned" pictures to show for it. The idea of exploring abandoned buildings had not yet occurred to me. I haven't seen any of these places posted before, so here goes.


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Abandoned houses at Seletar, Singapore

Seletar was the location of British Far East Royal Air Force base in Singapore during the 1920s. There are many single and double levels houses in this area for the staffs and officers working there. 

However, due to expansions and modern projects taken place , the Seletar Aerospace Hub, many of these houses need to be torn down.

" The School of Logistics and 2 houses at Hyde Park Gate will be removed to make space for part of the ‘runway dependent’ zone. 12 other houses st Hyde Park Gate will be demolished to accommodate a broader skirting for the runway. Incidentally, these houses are built on an elevation some 10 m higher than the existing runway. Much of Hamilton Place, Old Birdcage Walk and Baker Street will form part of the ‘commercial, recreational, F&B’ zone. The Oval, and some of Hyde Park Gate will make up the ‘institutional’ zone. Houses along Haymarket and Swallow Street will disappear to form the South side of ‘runway dependent’ zone. The Seletar Airbase Golf Club House, part of 3 Park Lane and 1 Hyde Park Gate will need to be removed to make way for the 6-lane motorway that will be running through the Aerospace Hub Park.

source : http://postcardsfromseletar.com and http://www.sedb.com/edb/sg/en_uk/ind...erospace0.html  "

Here are my photos of one of the houses.

Complete entries : http://krisgage.livejournal.com

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Gershal Avenue Factory.

Gershal Avenue Factory
Rosenhayne, New Jersey, 2009

As far as I have been able to discover from my adventures inside is that this factory was once a factory for making animal feed, from bird to dog.
It is easily about 8 stories, not including the ladder you need to climb to get to the very top, which I have not done as of yet.
These photos are more or less simply to demonstrate the height of the building. I do, however, have more internal photographs on my deviantART account here, found in the "Abandoned" folder.

Gershal Avenue Factory

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Trash Talk

The Wellington Incinerator is a broken remainder of Toronto's war with Garbage. Too bad they don't bring her up to snuff and convert it to turn trash into power. Probably because of all the yuppie lofts going up in the area they wouldn't want to have that in their backyard.

But even though the place has been shut down, the treasures inside are amazing! Mostly due to the work of a gentleman named "Stan" who collects trash brings it back here and sorts it all out. The place is filled with piles. There's a room filled with nothing but VCRs. Stacks of Computers, and of course neatly sorted shoes.


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I visited two abandoned places today, and thought of this site while wandering around both of them.

The first is on a nameless island just off of Kimball Nature Preserve on Decatur Island, Washington. I've been told various things about this place, had it called everything from a lime kiln to a fish shack to the remains of a WW2 kelp farm. No matter what it is, it won't be around for long. The walls and floor were intact when I was a kid, because I played house in there.

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The second was on the sail home, the unmanned Burrows Island Light, and its attending house and outbuildings. And the helicopter pad. This place was a bit creepy.

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A few more pictures in my journal, and what we were doing out there.

"Haunted House"

I redid some of these old shots from February since they were a little flat on the color. They were shot almost right before it got dark so it's as good as I can get it unfortunately. I saw this house while driving back from a winter visit to the beach. It was too good to pass up. It looks just like a haunted house from a movie or something...

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I fainally found my hard drive...

Sorry for the delay. First i found my hard drive, but not the wires, then the wires, but lost the hard drive. I finally united them and... well here. Some more of the greehouse pistures and mansion pictures. I apologize if i disappoint anyone, i'm not sure why i don't have more pictures, but the folders just felt...slim for some reason. I know i had more of the greehouse, but i fear it was lost when my hard drive crashed a month ago. They were sort-of backed up on a friends computer, but i have to ask... but yeah, sorry to blabber on like that.
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