January 17th, 2009


Ruins in Patapsco Park...

So in the Daniels area of Patapsco Park there are many interesting things to be found out in the woods there. Last year I went on a mission with my camera and a GPS in order to find and mark the locations of church ruins and abandoned cars all throughout Patapsco. In 1972 Hurricane Agnes washed tons of cars away from the low lying Ellicott City and dumped them out in the valleys of Patapsco Park. Some were completely trashed but some still resemble a full car. There are also 2 historic churches out here, one made of stone. Both were victims of fire at various points in history. I went back here last with a tripod and this is what I got...

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Note: This is a re-edit of an old set so some numbers are missing because I removed non-abandoned content from it.


There are those places that you promise yourself that you will get back to - and do them 'proper'... All to often, the moment in time slips by, and the forces of nature and man complete the ruin before you can re-visit.

This upper-crust summer cottage is an example - the photos were taken in 2002 and now nothing but a level field remains where the house and outbuildings stood.

Chautauqua Long Point House
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I have read the 1st and 2nd posts, but didn't really find an answer .. And, I wanted to put this out there for all of you and see how you go about it ...

I saw a few abandoned buildings today (that I previously didn't notice were abandoned). I would like to take pictures of them. I plan on sticking to the outside! Anyway, they are all in busy parts of town. I think I would look a little odd walking down the sidewalk snapping pictures.

Does location pull you away from places that you would like to photograph?
If not, is there any certain way to go about photographing them without looking too weird? If someone stops and says something to you, how do you respond?

Like I said, I plan to stick to the outside of the buildings. They were all businesses at one time. Another is a church and yet another is a Catholic School. (While I would love to get inside, I know they are all locked tight!)

Thanks! :)
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Old smithy

I had promised to look into what had become of the dig in the middle of town, but the Landesmuseum is closed for reconfiguring for a new exhibit until 2 Feb. I will go back then. 

When I went to that museum I found this old smithy.

Usually when you go hunting for pictures of abandoned place you try not to get caught.

When an old man passed me while I was taking a photograph of a barred up window. He asked me not to take a picture of him, for I might damage the camera. I laughed because it is one of the things I always used say if someone tried to take a picture of me.

The he went through that beautiful gate and I followed him and asked him if he knew what had happened to the building?
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First Post

Hey ya'll - Been a member for awhile, but so far I've only left comments to other posts.

This time, I have some of my own pics to share.

These are from McIntosh, Florida. My fiancee and I are on vacation visiting family, and we're taking a lot of little day-trips so far. Most of them have taken us up and down Route 441. And let me tell you - there are a shit-ton of abandoned places along this road. Oh my. The next time we come down, we have plans to just cruise up and down and hunt out cool spots.

Anyway, we -had- to stop and have a look at this one. I don't know the exact location, but it's right on a street corner. Pretty hard to miss. There really wasn't a way in, all the windows and doors were boarded up or otherwise secured and there was evidence of construction inside, so we stayed out.

And now, on to the pics!


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This asylum was an assisted living facility for the mentally and emotionally impaired, as well as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Apparently it shut down in July 2006 when it laid off 136 workers. As a kid I always wanted to know what the inside of this place looked like. Today I finally got a chance.

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MOAR indiana

Old school house. My boyfriend is going to see if I can find out who owns it. Maybe I can get permission to go into it, then I won't have to worry about being arrested.

She's a Brick House

I have no idea what this is. Creepy as crap.

Creepy Shack