January 18th, 2009

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The house where nobody lives

Abandoned house in Mt. Vernon, WA

                              Once it held laughter, once it held dreams
                              Did they throw it away, did they know what it means?
                              Did someone's heart break
                              Or did someone do somebody wrong?

                              -Tom Waits

Banksy balloon heart

Sugar Factory, St Kitts


I have a lot of pictures of this derelict sugar factory on the island of St Kitts. This will be the first of 2-3 posts. (If you want more that is!) I first took photos there in July 2007. It had only ceased being a working factory on 22nd July 2005 ( http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/2005/07/25/factory.shtml). From 1912, the individual owners of the sugar cane estates stopped processing individually and took all their cane by railway to this factory. The railway now takes tourists round the island instead. The mainstay of the island since the mid 1600's was always sugar cane .. now, due to falling sugar prices, it is tourism, which is unreliable in these tough economic times.

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Muskoka Sanatorium pt. 2

Thanks, everyone, so much for all the compliments on my last batch of photos.

Here are some more photos from the location.


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Also, Tuhkapupu, if you read this, I can't respond to your message because of your privacy settings, but you can definitely use one of my images for your thesis. Use as many as you want! It's awesome that you want to :)

Abandoned Villa in Spain

So i was on holiday recently, at a reasonably 'touristy' town on one of the canary islands - Lanzarote. The weather was awesome and all that, but right in the middle of the town centre, surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafes and peoples homes, is this huge building, comprising of three large apartments of different sizes. It looks like it has once been a pretty beautiful place to stay, but now its windows are smashed, the garden is full of rubbish and generally pretty run down. It would be an awesome house if someone had the time and money to renovate it.


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I don't normally take photos of graveyards but this suits the community I think. It's abandoned. It's kind of out there, in the middle of no where. Nothing has been done to the place for a long time. I don't think anyone has been buried there since 1941. The oldest plot I found was from 1792.

Then came baby

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Rookwood Necropolis

These photos are from Rookwood Necropolis in Sydney's west, Australia. This is said to be the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere. It dates back to the 1870s, and people are still buried there today. The entire cemetery is not abandoned, but there are large areas that have been left to wear away and be overtaken by nature.

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Washburne Trade School - Part II

These are photos of the student artwork and architectural details left behind...Some of this stuff was amazing, and it's a sin that they'll be destroyed when the building is finally torn down.

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Hopefully I got them all. Remember - these were just the pics I took on my crappy digital...I had a bunch more on film, and my friend had a ton on her digital that she's since lost. O.o This place was fantastic!
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