January 19th, 2009

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Hearn Acendant

The Richard L. Hearn Thermal Generating Station was conseved in 1949, and was at the time the single largest construction project ever taken on by the city of Toronto. Cost, forty million dollars.


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You're Steel The One

The old Marshall Steel/Gerdau Ameristeel/Co Steel Recycling facility in Milton, abandoned for a good ten years now. Awesome condition.

Recent evidence shows that the place had some activity as recent as 2004. There's a few left over documents in the offices, but nothing concrete

It's all demolished now.

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Talley Auto Defense Systems (Mesa, Arizona)

Talley Defense Systems was an auto-based facility where they tested cars for their safety features. As says the latest document that I could find, dated December 1999 -

This document describes the Talley Defense Systems (TDS) test procedure for conducting automotive airbag enhancer granule Lot Acceptance Testing (LAT) as open air tests in heavywall fixturing.

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Me - Shooting Profile

Abandoned Places – Lincoln Mill (follow-up shoot) – Nov 08

I meant to post these last week, but I was still too busy with community MX and watching the amazing posts many of you put up.

After Lincoln Mill ceased use as a missile and rocket research site, the building continued as an office complex, a light industrial complex, and storage site. In more than a few cases, goods and equipment were long forgotten.

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FNAF - Foxy

My First trip! The Salton Sea.

So, prompted by a post here I went to the Salton Sea for my first abandonedplaces field trip. It was 400 miles from where I live (In San Francisco), and an LJ post happened to go out when a friend of mine would be going there as well! So we hooked up together with her friend Jeff, and after a short adventure that I won't post here, we ended up at the Salton Sea!

This is our second visitation of the day. An abandoned Spa/Dry Ice Factory! Not too clear on the history of it, I'll have to ask my friend again!

This is pulled from my LJ with more personal pictures taken out.

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