January 26th, 2009

new yaaay!

so every once in a while, my boyfriend (thehoodwatch) will take me with him when he goes to abandoned places. my favorite place is lebow down in baltimore. i only use a canon sd, so my photo's aren't as amazing as his! enjoy! everything is behind a cut since the pictures are kind of big.
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Jazzland New Orleans

Today my friend Cambre and I broke into the shut down and cleared Six Flags park in New Orleans aptly titled "Jazzland." We walked around and took pictures of what was left of the park.

This one was taken from half way up the track to the highest point on another coaster. We didn't go to the top as it would have attracted attention from the interstate that runs next to the park.


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I've got the power!

Oakville Hydro doesn't hang onto it's buildings for a long time. I've known two that they've just knocked down in recent history. First is their old building on Trafalgar Rd (it's now a Chrysler Dealer) and the Ops center near the Oakville GO station.

This place was cool, especially when it still had power. We could wander around the halls, examine the old equipment. Then one day, it all was sealed up. Until one day it was opened again, but no power this time around. I was able to make it back three more times, once on a whim as I had an idea to shoot the main control room.

I even once went here in a snow storm.


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Industrial Bones.

This is a series that began in 2007. The photos I have taken below are with my new Nikon P80, taken in January 2009. I will post the 2007 series as well.

First, a panoramic shot.

Bridgeton, New Jersey

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Abandoned Places – Mobile Abandonment

Back in April of last year, when I still lived in California, I witnessed a truly unique site/sight. The Los Angeles County Sheriff posted signs in our neighborhood that the main road behind my home at the time would be closed early one Sunday morning to facilitate an oversized load. The load?.. a long abandoned McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) YC-15 prototype transport plane which had sat abandoned and unloved for years at Palmdale Airport (USAF Production Plant 42). The authorities at Edwards Air Force Base decided the reclaim, restore and display the aircraft in the base museum. So bright and early on an April morning, the plane was towed through town and to the base.

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Desolation Row

This is a re-edit of yesterdays set. I took some suggestions and fixed them in post-process. I just did about 150 pictures in the last 2 nights so I didn't give these the attention they deserved. Plus that last post had some bizarre drama going so it's dead now.

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Poppenbüttel, Hamburg, Germany

This house has always been abandoned, although it went through various stages of dis-/repair in the last ten yeas. It used to be a decaying house without any windows or isolation or the part protruding on the right. In 2003, the city started refurbishing it, but apparently ran out of money half-way through and now it's just standing there, large, beautiful, abandoned and decaying, a hang-out for drunken teenagers who tag the place and have barbecues indoors.

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