January 27th, 2009

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Malt Plant Maddness!

The Canada Malting Company Plant in Toronto has stood at the end of Bathurst Street since the late 1920s. It was the first silo to be built in the city using concrete (as gain dust has explosive tenancies, the wooden silos burned...often).

Expansion happened during the second world war to bolster food and alcohol stocks. The plant finally closed in 1988. A former member of my church actually was inside this place while it was still active. It was not pretty he said. Even back then it was dangerous.


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Henryton Center

This might have been posted before by someone else in the area but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm friends of thehoodwatch and xxxantiyouxxx. However, I live in a more suburban part of Maryland aka NOT Baltimore.
This is Henryton Center, what was once a Tuberculosis hospital. It became a home for African-Americans suffering from mental disease sometime in the 20th century after it was not needed for tuberculosis anymore. Since then, it has been left to rot in a somewhat rural part of Howard County, Maryland. It is a series of buildings, all of them have been horribly vandalized.

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I've been watching this community for a little while and it's been a pleasure to see everyone's treasured finds.
I was wondering if anyone has posted anything on the abandoned TB hospital in Keene, CA.

I explored it once with a friend of mine and I wish I brought a camera with me that day. Our exploration didn't last long, as a crazy old man chased us out of there. Forgive me as I don't have any pictures to post of it at this time, it would have been a wonderful entry for this community.

Here is a link that offers a little bit of information and stories on the place. If anyone has pictures, I'm sure we'd love to see them!



Gainesville Decay

So, it's our last day here in good old Gainesville. As I mentioned in my last (and first!) post, we've been lucky to spot a ton of abandoned places on our travels while here on vacation. Unfortunately, we weren't able to stop and explore any except that one house.

So imagine my suprise and joy, when I happened to glance out the car window as we were headed back to my mom's apartment yesterday after a day out and spotted a rusty old hulk sitting on a piece of wooded property mere steps from my mom's front door. We had to go investigate.

We found quite a few interesting objects, to be sure. The property is completely fenced, and topped with barbed wire for good measure. There was a hole in the fence where someone had made their own short-cut, but I was disinclined to enter - if I get arrested, it's gonna be in my own state, thank you very much!

Anyway, on to the pics. As before, shot with a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. We originally tried to get the shots at about five p.m. and the light was really, really, wrong, so we came back this morning at about 11:00. The result:


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Patuxent IV...

Our fourth trip to Patuxent. I took some video as well but I was juggling the digital, a film camera, and the video so I kind of forgot to take enough videos to fill up something worth posting. However like I said I took some film here as well. Just picked it up from the developer today and it's going through the scanner as I write this. That will probably be tomorrows post.

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