February 3rd, 2009


Norwich State Hospital

hello all. I've been lurking around here, since I suck at photography but I love the photos here.
has anyone ever been to the Norwich State Hospital in CT? From what I've seen of it, it's well-patrolled by the police, but there are so many buildings on the campus that I just had to ask. I've lived in that area of CT for a long time and I love the architecture. anyone been there?

George AFB in Southern California

I went down to what's left of George Air Force Base last week and took some pictures. I posted them in my journal with a pretty lengthy commentary, but I figured that for the purposes of posting here, I'd just include the pictures, since so much of what I wrote over there is related to my experience having grown up there when it was still operating.

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concrete City, Nanticoke

Hello, I'm not sure if I ever did get around to posting these pictures. My boyfriend and I went on a road trip into Pennsylvania last summer hoping to find some interesting shops/Sights in the town with the burning coal fire under it (can't remember the name for the life of me... It'll come to me)

Anyway, last year I posted pictures of an old coal breaker factory in Ashley, Pa and a few random shots of others places. I figured I would finish the post considering it has been a year.

Please, bare in mind I was using a digital camera and in no way shape or form would I even consider myself an amateur photographer... in other words these shots could be crappy to the standards of some within this group.

Okay, so apprently live journal's cuts are not working for me... so.. Heres a link to my facebook albums... there are pictures in there that I have already posting, but for those of you who are new or for those who missed it they are all there.

This one has most of the Nanticoke pictures: www.facebook.com/album.php
This one is mostly The coal break in Ashley and some randoms: 
Also, I guess I can post this one too: 

In November my boyfriend and I went on a "Haunted Bus Trip" to the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. It has been made famous by the movies and music videos that have been filmed there (Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One and a lil wayne music video)
The old priosn is no longer in use and is slowly being restored... but it is technically abandonded, well by my standards at least: www.facebook.com/album.php
Second Album:  www.facebook.com/album.php

I hope these Albums work, if they don't please feel free to let me know :) 

P.S the Mansfeild Reformatory is the scariest place I have EVER been. They let us explore the entire prison in the dark from 10pm until 5am


Concrete City: http://home.comcast.net/~tecsite/ConcreteCity/Concrete.html
Ashley Coal Breaker:  http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/site.asp?siteid=366
Mansfield Reformatory:  http://www.mrps.org/