February 4th, 2009

  • dj_axle

Buffalo Central Terminal

The Buffalo Central Terminal was on my list of "Places to See" again, I had a chance to visit the lauded train station back in the summer of 2007.

Thankfully my visit coincided with a work day hosted by the Central Terminal Restoration Corp. (CTRC), who graciously let us wander the concourse of the main level, before they closed up for the day.

I wasn't able to visit the other sections of the terminal, but I got to see the parts I wanted to.

The Terminal

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me by leslie

Detroit drive, residential

I love to drive huge swaths of my hometown, Detroit, stopping wherever something catches my eye to photograph. I'm careful, respectful, and fast. I take nothing but photos and leave no trace of my passage. People everywhere across the city wave and smile at me. I'm a middle-aged lady; I don't have a DSLR with giant telephoto lenses that could be mistaken for police surveillance or a nosy reporter out to smear Detroit's reputation; I look harmless because I am. Some fellow residents may mistake me for a suburban tourist. Still they smile and wave. I smile and wave back. Snap and leave. Around the corner to the next treasure tableaux, the next abandoned gem. Snap and move on. I have no destination. Paying little attention to location, street names, direction. Until I decide to head home. One last snap or two or a dozen along the way. Then one last stop, park and get out, grateful to have a home to return to, satisfied on the day's wondrous adventures and my photographic reminders.

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