February 8th, 2009


abandoned house / ghost pictures

So last week Meghan and I drove out 80-West and found an amazing abandoned house. The things in it are so interesting.. it's like these people just up and left their whole lives behind. There was a fire, so I'm wondering if someone died and they could just never go back in there. I went back yesterday with my friends Jamie & Gabby to use as "ghost" models.. working towards my final in Black & White technique. These photos are the test shots from my digital. I also took 60 exposures on b&w film that I will process tomorrow. Just thought I'd share the test shots & get some opinions.

This first one is a panorama of the kitchen/dining area of the house.

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Your feedback is really appreciated!
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abandoned barn

These old barns really tug at my heart strings. Seeing the big old ones that are abandoned (such as this one) remind me that the small dairy farms are a dying way of life. This one is in Western Washington.