February 10th, 2009

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Stinking Photo

Ok.....I'm thinking this whole community should be proud I got this one. Not because of the pic, but because the smell of skunk hung in the air when I got out of my car. I braved the elements for this one.
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memorial hospital, albuquerque, new mexico

Hello. New guy here. I decided on an easy target for a first entry to this community.

The old Memorial Hospital building on Central and I-25. The whole complex is locked up tighter than a drum, so I couldn't go inside. Still, I got some nice shots from outside the gate. Other than the main building in the front, there is a office building on the complex and what looks like some sort of waste disposal facility with a smokestack. Word of advice: empty hospitals are infinitely creepier in dreary weather.

stairway up (by silas216)

sign of life (by silas216)

main entrance (by silas216)

no trespassing (by silas216)

crematorium (by silas216)

dead trees (by silas216)

memory of the past (by silas216)

The rest of the collection can be found here.
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Abandoned Places – Sloss Furnaces (Dec 08); Part 1 of 3

After an unplanned and unintended break from posting images, I’m playing a bit of catch up a bit tonight. In Birmingham, AL lies a gem. Sloss Furnaces is a former pig iron blast furnace which dates to the 1880’s. The site closed from commercial production in 1974 and soon after was acquired by the State of Alabama as a historic landmark. The furnace grounds are in a state of arrested decay and semi-preservation, but the steel work that once happened here is long gone. The air in this Victorian ghost whispers of steam and the hiss of molten steel.

Back in December, I had the opportunity to visit this site for a Steampunk / Steamfashion meet-up and photoshoot. Before the site opened up I first captured images of a power house and support buildings just outside the gates of the mill grounds.

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I finally have a website with some of my thesis series on it, a rough artist's statement, and a blog with some thoughts about the issue. any Detroit-lovers, or people with interest in social issues...please check it out. it's pretty basic, but at least it gets my stuff up on the web. let me know your thoughts.