February 11th, 2009

Song Sisters' House

Greetings from the sunny island of Singapore! :)

I think someone has posted pictures of this place a while back before! But this is my first time exploring an abandoned place, its creepy, but at the same time left me thoughts wondering why people have to vandalise and cause a house to lose its rustic charm? :(

anyway, here are some shots of my first exploration! there will definitely be more to come! :)

Camera: LCA+
Film: Elitechrome EBX

The house in a distance.

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The Procor Files

The former shops at Oakville's Procor facility. The company still exisits, in fact still has offices ect on the same property. But in March of 2007 (actual close date is unknown) they shut down one of their shops. Which was eventaully demolished. However we were able to get in a couple times.

The first and second time I entered the place there was still power, including power to this really loud shift change siren that scared the crap out of me (I was in there solo the first time...)

Last Look

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Moore's Crossing Bridge

Moore's Crossing Bridge (in Eastern Travis County)
Moore's Crossing Bridge (in Eastern Travis County)

Once over Town Lake
It was placed here in '20
For car traffic then

Some say it's haunted
A Black man and White woman
Fell in tragic love

By cross beams he hung
An angry mob against him
His lover sat near

A grey-lady ghost
Mourns at the foot of the bridge
Screams piercing the night

The man does appear
Near where his body was hung
Standing on the bridge

If you find yourself
Walking 'cross this creaking bridge
Please don't walk alone.
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During the summer I made a trip to New York to visit a friend. We spent the week driving around the state and mowing lawns of homes that have been repossessed by the bank. The houses were often huge and beautiful. I didn't take many pictures and I'm kicking myself in the butt for it now.



And this is a picture from a little tiny light house path on Lake Michigan. The light house is not exciting at all but the walk way sure is beautiful.

Abandoned hotel


Moore's Crossing "Ghost Town"

Moore's Crossing
Moore's Crossing "Ghost Town"
02/11/09, Travis County, TX

This place constructed
To house the Smith Family
In 1920

It did not survive
Fire in 1940
And no one rebuilt

When I first saw this
The day was grey and windy
Making the house creak

Wind caught at the roof
The rusted tin sheets flew up
Warning to keep out.
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