February 17th, 2009

Creepy Skelly Accodrian
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This place has been rotting since 1985. It's was just a bunch of mechanic shops. Photos are not great. I had a hard time getting into the mood for some reason. It's set way out into nothing, about twelve miles of dirt roads and dense woods. Then, bam. This place. I spooked myself out there pretty good. Probably why I didn't get into the photography mood.

Old Building
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Horse Parking Garage

The odd architecture of this place caught my eye... A garage with a balcony???

I took a few preliminary pictures and promised that someday I'd investigate. Passing by this weekend, I saw a crew actively de-constructing the place, so I stopped by and chatted with them.

Turns out that it's a1909 carriage house that originally had a very posh mansion standing in front of it (there's a parking lot in front now...)

Abandoned Carriage house

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