February 26th, 2009

Waco, Texas

First post. I've been watching this amazing community for a while, and I can finally contribute.

There are so many abandoned places here in Waco. Many of them are old factories like this one, which is very close to my apartment. I was shooting the exterior of it one day when I realized one of the side doors was open!


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(You can see all of these with descriptions on my flickr.)
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Abandoned Places – Sloss Furnaces (Dec 08); Part 3 of 3

Perhaps the most unique feature of Sloss Furnaces is interiors and underground passages. The power house and adjoining air pumps are eerie and dim even on the brightest and cheeriest of days. The ore tunnel is even worse. Let’s start this final set of photos there.

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Good Eats.

Kind of abandoned, kind of just... obsolete, our school seems to think, anyway.
This was the cafeteria that was on my campus when I first came here, and now they're in the process of tearing it down, having just built a fancy new eating facility.
I want to sneak in and poke around, but they've stationed a cop outside at night to keep ne'er-do-wells like myself away.

Sad, though, because I formed a lot of memories in there. They left a lot of chairs and tables and cafeteria equipment inside...

I don't know if the workmen got bored, but there's a pyramid of chairs sitting in the middle...

My personal favorite. A lonely chair and table resting on the edge of the demolition.
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Welborne Cafeteria

welborne lights

Earlier, somebody posted two pictures of Welborne food court. Not to overshadow that post, but Welborne Cafeteria held memories for many of the students at Appalachian State University. The university is rapidly expanding and changing. Welborne closed its doors in December of 2008 and began demolition this week. Apparently students were taking pictures of it all day.

The strange thing to me is what was left inside, and how the construction crew is going about tearing it down. It's like they did it violently, without a plan. If the construction crew wasn't present, it would look like a tornado had hit it, because the university left most everything inside. To me, it's a blatant waste of chairs, if anything.

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