February 28th, 2009

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Abandoned Amazon warehouse

Thousands in scramble for free books after Amazon supplier abandons warehouse

Strewn across the floor of the drafty warehouse are thousands and thousands of books, ranging from well-thumbed paperback novels to musty hardback technical manuals, faux-leather bound poetry collections, 1970s cook books and long-outdated sports almanacs.

It would be interesting to see what this place looks like once everyone has forgotten it. If anyone lives in Bristol, you should keep us up to date!
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I dont know what kind of building this was either, but
I`m guessing it was a really small grocery store.

 I`m not sure what this has used to be, but i
think it maybe has been used as an autoshop?

inside the "autoshop"

Here comes a few pics of an abandoned house .

Can you spot something missing?
I`ll give you a hint : its something you walk on.

The people who lived here sure loved there newspapers!
The entire basement was stacked with newspapers.

- All of the pics above is taken in Sweden last summer.
Hope you all enjoyed my first post here .



Gas Crisis

For as long as I've had this community "friended", I don't think I've actually contributed. I'd like to change that. This is a location I visited last year at the height of the gas price-hikes. The station had been shutdown for several years, and was being used as a temporary DOT parking area for workers at a nearby construction project. The Waffle House nearby had a sign saying "We'll be back", erected when the constructions first started, but as of this year the sign was taken down and the building was painted black--I can only assume they're not coming back afterall.

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The Blood Splattered Mellon

The Grange

Hi Everybody. This is my first post in this community, but hopefully not to be the last! There's some absolutely amazing stuff in here, so I apologize for the quality of some of these shots. If I had the chance to go back and try again with my extra experience and better camera I would :)

On to the pictures. These are of an 'abandonded' grange hall in a small-town in upstate new york, the name of which escapes me at the moment. They were taken in May of 2006. My boyfriend was hunting for a place to build a studio (he's an artist) and this place was up for sale and extremely cheap (you'll see why in a second) So we got to tour through the place with an agent.

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