March 1st, 2009


Historic Homestead

I have been a long-time lurker, but living in New Zealand I am insanely jealous and have realised that we don't apparently have very many exciting abandoned places...

But this is a homestead smack bang in the middle of a commercial/business and industrial area in Manukau (which is in Auckland). It's under historic protection by the council so to do anything with it would require lots and lots of money for permits. You're not allowed to move it or subdivide the land or anything. Unfortunately, that means it has bounced from owner to owner and just gone to ruin. I'm too chicken to trespass and take photos since it's on a main road but this is the outside. Usually it's covered in graffiti but being on a main road and trying to resell it, you can't exactly leave it like that for long. haha.


Return to the Clothing Factory

So as of last summer this place got locked up. Every time I drove by there were dumpsters full of clothes and debris. People who lived in the building next door said the building's owner (some guy in NY) got fined $30,000 I guess because the place was a fire hazard and was dangerous to people around it. The rumor mill said that they were renovating this place to turn it into artist studios which seems viable since the building next door was turned into the same thing and is pretty successful. I saw one guy get in since it was locked up and it looked like the basement got cleaned up and maybe some other stuff. I drove by last week and saw a crane and a white cavalier with a yellow light on the roof. I figured maybe the city now had security on this place. Well I guess not because right at that same time there was a group of explorers inside. One of them got a hold of me on Flickr to let me know the scoop. It is pretty much right back to it's old state. Locks busted off, now some doors were even smashed down. The city made them board up the windows on the outside. At first I thought it was to keep people out. Now I think it was rather to bring the building up to some code. The windows were on a 2nd floor so it's not like someone could climb up. I think the boards are to protect people from broken glass from the windows. I think they had to clean all the debris from the floors to make it less of a fire hazard. I'd say at least 90% of the good stuff is still here. They moved everything into groups which sucked because everything was just where they left it when it became abandoned. But beggars can't be choosers.

Video: Listen at the 40 second mark for the creepy "hooing" sounds of the pigeons...

I posted some sets from this place before but now was the first time I went with a tripod. Thank got because with the boards over the windows you can't see a damn thing. I went pretty light on post process for some of these since it was dark and my usual thing didn't look right on these...

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