March 2nd, 2009

Walter o.O

Old North Pembroke Cemetery and the Bailey Parker House, Circa 1830

Okay. Lemme start off by saying- the house? I honestly don't know if it's abandoned. I thought it was at first, since every time we've driven by there or visited the cemetery, there's been no car. However, the mailbox looks pretty new, the windows are intact, and there was no snow on the stairs leading up to the side door.
However, the shed/garage/whatever? That thing's definitely not used.
I'm seriously considering knocking on the door and asking the owner (if there is one) about the history of the house, next time I'm there, since I haven't been able to find much beside little tidbits on Google.

The Old North Pembroke Cemetery is very pretty, and very not visited. Although it's still in fairly good shape (since it's considered historical), a good number of the graves are sunken, the large obelisk one has it's foundation showing, some are fallen over, some illegible and worn away.

Old North Pembroke Cemetery

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