March 3rd, 2009

smirk - Sebastian

abandonned building in montreal

this morning I was in class and during the break I was looking at the abandonned place community and remembered this abandonned place I knew of... So I decided to go in the afternoon. It was today or never. So after my class I went there and stepped on the frozen snow, and fell two times knee deep in with my shoes (didn't have boots XD) and of course froze my fingers like crap! Why go through at that trouble? because I had to give my share to this community! ^3^ besides, they're planning to renovate it this year so it was about time I snapped pictures of the place.

pannel says:
repair project of the Maison des arts et des lettres (house of arts and litterature) Sophie-Barat 2009-2010
Investment 10 M$. for the students, for the citizens, for you.
Montreal school comittee

on building:
Private property,
at your own risk

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