March 8th, 2009

standardbred, horse, foal

Baldpate Mt- Kuser Estate (on horseback!)

I am an endurance rider, and part of training my horse is shipping him out to various trails to go for long rides. Hills make for an especially good workout, and yesterday we went to Baldpate Mountain in Mercer County, NJ. Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a whole slew of abandoned buildings! This place is now on my 'to explore' list. There was only so much we could do from horseback. Thankfully, I carry a camera in my boot, so I snapped some photos. Some of them are out of focus, but that's what I get for shooting off a fidgety horse on a cloudy day with a point and shoot.

This is the old Kuser Estate. There is a house, barn, pond, various out buildings, and even a green house, all with a fantastic view of the Delaware River valley.

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Just saw this on WBAL...

EDIT: Someone else posted more on Flickr so I am highjacking them for the sake of news...

I know a lot of people from the area have explored Rosewood. She is an old whore to say the least. The building that is on fire is right behind the original main building that burned down in 2005. This building even caught on fire in I'd say September of 2008. We went to check it out after but never really saw anything that was different. But right now as you can see from the picture that this building is probably going to be a pile of ash soon.

Here are some pictures I took about 3 weeks ago of this building...
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