March 12th, 2009


Naked City Spleen

Naked City Spleen Photo Series 

Miru Kim is known as the "naked urban photographer," a fearless artist who walks around naked in abandoned urban locales in cities such as New York, Paris and Berlin. She has photographed various familiar urban settings, such as abandoned subway stations, tunnels, aqueducts, factories, hospitals and shipyards. Her series, Naked City Spleen, is a dissection of places built and forgotten and somehow exposed by the naked body of the artist. She also founded Naked City Arts, a not-for-profit art concern in downtown Manhattan, helping young artists to further establish their careers.

(Note:  links are NSFW.)



Kings Park Psychiatric Center or Central Islip Psychiatric Center

Hey, all.
I was just wondering if anyone had information on the Kings Park Psychiatric Center. I'm hoping to take a trip there this sunday, and I was curious about other people's experiences. Also, what is the security like around the buildings? I'm most likely going to have my camera and a tripod with me but if the security is really high, I probably won't bother with the tripod
Thanks for the help :]

ps- any information on Central Islip Psychiatric Center?

any NW hoosiers?

it rained and my youngest was sick so i didnt get a chance to revisit my house and im about to head up to visit my folks in indiana for a month. lake, porter, or la porte county is all do-able.

there are some great barns in the area and would love to explore with any other sites.  email me and we can meet up or something.