March 14th, 2009

First day here, first tiny post

Hi! I found this community only last night while boozing and browsing with my best friend, and she showed me some of the wonderful photos on here. I've got a thing going for ruins, and there used to be some very nice old military buildings near my home which I explored over and again until they were all dug up/taken down/rebuild into storing space and whatnot. Sadly, I took NO PHOTOS of those while I could.
I couldn't find out much about the history, but it was Belgian soldiers that were stationed there before the whole place was given up about uh...forty years ago? In my mom's childhood theere were still going tanks through the city and up into the forest for those maneuvers. The adjoining 'training ground' was turned into a nature reserve a few years ago and all the old buildings with their rare plants, nesting birds and bat colonies were torn down(!). Rumour has it there are two tanks still buried there, probably spreading their oil and petrol happily...
So here are the only two photos I have, showing the yard between the two long halls where the tanks were parked and repaired and whatnot. I know I have more, but apparently not as digital version. Will add those when I find them:

I have more and better ones of some First World War 'bunkers' or whatever they are called, but I must format those first.

More ruins now. That's about all I have for now. Enjoy.

Now formatted. It's probably not much in respect to professionality, but I only had a small digicam and not as much time as I would have wanted. The first time I discovered this lovely place I had an intensely frightened friend with me who was put off by the pentagrams on the walls, and the second time I was interrupted by the makers of those signs and thought it prudent to withdraw ;)

Still, a bit more after the cut.

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