March 16th, 2009

Hospital 8

On Saturday went back to Kitchener for some exploration action at a previously unknown location to me, so something new (new for me, not new over all). The target was an abandoned staff building at a hospital. The hospital itself was built in the 1930 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, the property itself is still very active because in the 1980s it was renovated and modernized and now serves as a regular hospital.

Hospital 8

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A Man's House...

Whoa, two posts in one day! I haven't been exploring in a while so Saturday hit up two locations with a partner in crime.

Bara Castle is probably the most epic apparment I've ever seen, it's a shame to see it neglected and abandoned. However I did see evidence that some work is being done/has been done recently to attempt modernization and reuse, but it's still far away.

The Castle itself was built in the 1930s.

Another Angle

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Vass FarmStead

It was so nice out yesterday that my husband and I decided to drive around my hometown and surrounding areas in search of abandoned places. Any and everything was a destination, but unfortunately most of what we found were ruinous barns on inhabited farmsteads. We ended up driving up a semi-main road past this abandoned farmstead, which I had totally forgotten about despite passing it numerous times on my way to the highway.

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Dean Venture

Holy Abandoned Virginia!

No pictures, but if anyone's interested in exploring rural places (some of which were very Deliverance) US58 between Suffolk and Emporia, Virginia is loaded with them.  I have no pics 'cause it was raining and I was driving from Norfolk to Raleigh, but there's a lot of houses, at least one church or school, tons of barns just on the verge of falling flat right on the highway.  Were I to devote the time necessary to every one of those sites along that 78 miles, I'd be there for the whole week.

Again, apologies for no pictures, but I hope someone keeps it in mind.