March 17th, 2009

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P.Pecsok Apartments

Since the place my friend and I were looking at was a total bust, we decided to drive around and stumbled upon these abandoned apartments. The building was really old and so beautiful, it's sad to see it in such a state of disrepair and now home to the homeless.


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Creepy Skelly Accodrian
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Sorry I post here so often.

I like the new wider layout. Either that or I'm insane.

Yesterday I was riding with my friend to pick up her daughter. She decided to take a random side road and lo and behold we passed this old house and barn in the middle of absolute NO where. I guess I should have gotten a picture of the area too. There was a lake across from us with used tires all around. So people use it to dump their tires. Good indication that the area is pretty quiet.

I was wearing flip flops so I didn't get to explore as intensely as I'd have liked to.

old house
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home, rural western Pennsylvania, USA


EDIT: amazingly enough, this place is on Google Street View:,-78.683124&panoid=HA3w-Qr1svX8cnr4t9ZSnQ&cbp=12,64.33094400023106,,0,1.2452095284275404&source=embed&ll=41.552289,-78.683124&spn=0,356.550293&t=h&z=8

Check it out!

This abandoned place is a bit different, in that it's the place where I grew up!

When I was a boy, my parents owned an ice-cream stand, which was located on the highway below our house. It was very rural country, in western Pennsylvania.

After roughly 25 years or so, I had an occasion to visit the old house and business, after my father died and we had to take care of his estate. The ice cream stand had long been abandoned and had fallen into disrepair. I visited the place with my kids and nephew. Here are some pics:
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hello! :)

hi there, first post... and this was actually the first house i have ever been in and photographed. quite a rush!
i copied this straight from my personal journal, hope that won't be a problem...
taken december 30th - all photos following were taken the same date. here's the second house we explored... i don't think i will upload the interior of the other house. something's off to me... but here we go!

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An FYI submission

Photography with your best pal. It's all fun and games until some beloved four-footed eejit goes and chases a skunk... *kaff* [wipes streaming eyes] Great scot, what a pong.

I don't know if this worketh upon humans, but it worked on Maximum! the Intrepid (who thought he'd be cool like his farm dog buddy and kite out after M'sieur Skonk):

1 quart Hydrogen peroxide (one of the huge bottles is a quart)
1 quart veddy warm water (as warm as your now sheepish friend can stand)
1 cup baking SODA (NOT powder. Please.)
2 tablespoons dish liquid

(one litre = one quart; one cup = 1/4 litre. both have a negligable +/- factor in measurment)

Mix in bucket, sluice over hapless hound, scrub thoroughly--you're wearing rubber gloves, by the way. Rinse with repeated buckets of toasty warm water. Dry thoroughly and DON'T allow them to loll in the grass unless you're sure they're not rubbing themselves all over the same spot where they attempted to rub off the stink in the first place. Hopefully you won't have to perform this ablution after sunset like I did. 'Twas a wee bit on the nippy side. Poor Maximum. Never saw a fellow so happy to see the inside of his crate.

EDIT: Hey kids, this solution really WORKS! WOOOOO!!!!

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