March 20th, 2009

Tawas dog

Abandoned school, NW Indiana

Hey there!

I've been away from LJ for a while, and haven't posted or looked at much of anything. I haven't posted much here in the past anyway, but I'm a long-time watcher. But I'm back around, LJ and I'm trying to do a lot more photography this year. Submitted for your approval, the results of my trip to an abandoned school in northwest Indiana, largely copied and pasted from my personal journal. So here goes!


Above, we see your humble author pictured in a small, vaguely unsettling third-floor room above a gymnasium inside a high school in northwest Indiana. "Stormdog!" you may say; "I knew you were talking about going back to school, but I didn't think you needed quite that much remedial education!"

Well, perhaps I do (you should see me try to do algebra!), but that's beside the point, for this school is no longer serving a student population; it is entirely abandoned.

Come with me, along a trip through high school memories. Other people's memories. And I promise; this time there aren't any bullies to steal the book you're reading, tell the teacher you smell and get you sent to the nurse's office, or completely isolate you from your peer group and make your life a living hell for four years. Or was that was just me? Anyway, onward!

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