March 24th, 2009


Upon watching a program on (History Channel or maybe TLC) television the other day about some area in russia where these National Socialists were using these beautiful new but never finished hospitals that are abandoned it had me thinking about potentially dangerous people who may be lurking about in the places we scout and explore in our community. What if anything do you recommend carrying for protection (I have a concealed weapons permit and use a small .40 cal pistol) here in the state but have all sorts of bad feelings about carrying it to a site where I'm the tresspasser, so I refuse to do so)? I've imagined maybe a stun-gun or pepper spray but those are weapons themselves and often carry penalty for being concealed. I know if you have caprenters pants you can carry a ball-pin hammer outside and not only use it as a tool but for protection, walking sticks seem good too.

The Second part of my question is asking if anyone has had any scary or threatening, hell even been assaulted by the guards/vagrants/druggies etc. that sometimes frequent these places. If it wasn't for the out-numbering factor (I usually travel with between 2-6 people whom have various talents or act as certain lookouts/light experts/scanner-watchers etc.) I could have been on the ass-side of a good beatdown myself when stumbling into places I swore were devoid of others. Some of the people we've come across in our years of urban scouting just plain out don't want anyone else there, and depending on their mentality it can be very dangerous. Once again, not trying to freak anyone out, just curious if people have had experiences before that freaked them out, and how they generally set up guidelines for safety when scouting abandoned places.
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