March 29th, 2009

  • grygon

New Mexico State Penitentiary trip

I understand that the primary goal of this community is just photos, but has anyone else, like me, really yearned to hear the story behind them? Not the history of the place, but what the photographer was feeling/doing/etc.

I hope this post is all right. It relates my story WITH the photos. Most of these photos I would consider "scrap" and so I've only thumb-nailed the 11 photos that I felt are main-gallery worthy, the other photos are linked. This is an edited version of what I posted to my own LJ, but I thought I should share here and maybe encourage others to also narrate their own experiences... if you like to do that.

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A watered down brew...

We were supposed to go to the clothing factory but people said they heard people and saw some fresh wood inside. Maybe they are going to board more stuff up. In the loading dock the door was open and the other was still busted through but I swear one random door had fresh wood, despite it never being open that I know of. So anyway to make their trip north not a waste I took them to the brewery. I only stayed here an hour. I did try and take some pictures of new stuff that I noticed. We saw a group of 4 dudes show up and I'm 90% sure they were taggers and I think they noticed us and we scared them off. Now some tagger guy on Flickr is asking me if I was there today. Go figure...

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Triple Whipple Bridge

One for the engineering buffs. The only one of it's kind anywhere!

Probably only about a mile from my house but with a half mile of that being the width of the Ohio River through here, it's only close during boating season. I present to you the Triple Whipple Bridge! Hey it's good for a half hour's research and you'll probably find better pics than mine, but here we go. I believe these were actually taken the Summer before last.

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