March 31st, 2009


Newbie intro

Heya folks!

I've been lurking here since the LJ spotlight. I love the community and all the wonderful photos but I rarely get the opportunity to take many, myself. I decided to stop lurking so I could comment on all the lovely contributions so I finally got my camera and got off my backside so I could do a proper introduction.

This is the Alger Press building, a small, locally owned and run printing company. Mostly they were founded to print training text books for the GM plant but they also published Oshawa Library histories on the city of Oshawa and the region. This is located right downtown in Oshawa and is fenced so there are no internal shots, sorry.

Interesting note: I worked at the Alger Press briefly, about twenty five years ago. I had the night shift all alone, doing layouts for text books. That was back before desktop publishing, when cut and paste meant scissors and tape.

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A few semi-interesting pictures of an abandoned boat in Browning Harbor, Pender Island, BC, Canada. We go to Pender every year, and that boat has been there as long as I can remember. Last year I finally got un-lazy enough to get out the canoe and get a close-up look at it. Might try to get on/in it this year, but I'm a little sketched out about that. Not the greatest pictures, but it's hard to take pictures from a canoe.

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Green Township Houses, New Jersey

I call them this because that's the town they're located in and I'm not terribly creative when it comes to naming abandoned homes. There's actually a hiking trail that cuts through them and there are 4 houses total, although we only visited the two at the top of the hill. I've been to these house twice before and these were my favourites. I'm sad to say that the stairs in the bigger one are rotted to the point where I didn't feel even remotely safe going up after putting my foot on the bottom stair. I've been upstairs before, so it wasn't a big loss.

Anyway, Photos are behind the cut. If you're offended by graffiti composed by someone with a vocabulary limited to mostly 4 letter words, don't click it. :)

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