April 4th, 2009


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Today I was driving down 611 in (Portlandish/Mr. Bethel?) PA and stopped at these two HUGE cement buildings and written on the one closest to the road was "ALPHA CEMENT." The lights were on downstairs, and when I looked in the upstairs, I saw a cat. Also there seemed to be some suspicious activity going on in the back. Anyone know anything about this place?
  • grygon


How about a little discussion on flashlights? I vaguely recall a thread on them last year sometime but it's been a while, so...

I am looking to purchase a good flashlight for dark places and am need of recommendations. Preferably bright with a large beam so that my camera won't have to rely on it's poor flash. But not too cumbersome to take with me.

I have a little Brinkman Long Life LED Light and this thing is awesome. More than bright enough for exploring, very compact, and the batteries last forever. BUT I'm not sure I'd like using it for taking pictures.

What kind do you use and would you recommend it? where did you purchase it?