April 7th, 2009

Moonshoes in Midair!



6th ish & Peoria, Tulsa OK.

One of the many abandoned houses on a "main drag". Although anything this north on Peoria becomes slum teritory.

After I saw this I noticed the "waste" portion again a few blocks down the road. My guess is a 2nd artist came and added "of time" and then a 3rd added "the... space contimuom". They botched the spelling of continuum but I would have too.

All in all it was right up my ally.
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Eaux Chaudes

Great this site. Have had a thing for abandoned places as long as I can remember. Even started a website for my Institute for Future Loss (in Dutch). And still love to take pictures of places like this.
These were taken last summer; In a beautiful old mountain village in France that has seen better times there's a whole street deserted. Wish I could have gone inside, especially in the old hotel. But everything was locked.

Interiour of Hotel Les Princes
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