April 8th, 2009

Taken for a ride

Another Sad Day in Detroit History

I LOVE Detroit and I especially love the Michigan Central Station. Unlike some of you brave souls from this fine community, I haven't had the opportunity to sneak in to this significant Detroit landmark and experience it for myself...and now it seems I never will.

Detroit City Council recently voted to tear down this beautiful building

I hate the City Council.  All they're good for is picking at each other, wasting the city's money with unnecessary elections, and, of course, completely demolishing any evidence of Detroit's beautiful and vibrant history. 

I just needed to share!


Rural Leicestershire (UK)

Here's a double wammy of photos for you. First off is an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of fields in east Leicestershire.

The second is of some relics of railway history. The Great Northern Railway had a spur out to Leicester between Peterborough/Newark to Leicester, with stations at several of the villages along the way. When the line closed in the mid 1950's, they only demolished one side of a rail tunnel for some reason. This leaves a steep cutting with a tunnel entrance, covered with a rusting steel cover to prevent entry (until someone was good enough to bring a blowtorch along), but no exit. It is approximately half a mile in length, judging by the last air vent duct.

Tunnel entrance

For all the photos, you can see them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/garethness/sets/72157616383980047/