April 9th, 2009

More Michigan Central Station

The Detroit Free Press posted a link to a photo essay done comparing photos of Detroit's Michigan Central Station today to 25 years ago, shortly after it closed the first time (Amtrak had bought the building and was about to reopen it to rail traffic). Didn't know if anyone had posted this--and if there might be too much MCS floating around right now--but given the whole then-and-now perspective I thought it warranted posting.

"All Aboard: A Retrospective of the MCS"

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Military Base: Nike Site HA-48, Cromwell, CT, USA

Been lurking here for a little while. This is my first post.

I have an interest in Cold War History, especially as it applies to old military and communications infrastructure. These pictures are from an old Nike Radar Site in Cromwell, Connecticut. Unlike most of the Nike sites which were either torn down or re-purposed, this one has remained mostly intact after abandonment.

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