April 13th, 2009


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This is next to the dorms where I live, I believe it used to be the ground keepers residence, but it's been abandoned and no one really knows what happened.

This is an old house in the center of town. Just recently they've covered the straw roof with a tarp (which is too bad, I've passed by so many times and the straw just adds so much character.


Starship "Pegasus"

So I was driving to Dallas, TX this weekend and had to stop for gas in Waxahatchie, TX, which is about 20 miles south of Dallas on I-35. The only thing that ever happens in Waxahatchie is that there is a Ren Fair that goes on during the summer that I remember going to as a class field trip in middle school. Anyway, I'm stopping to get gas, and on the side of the road, right next to the gas station, I spot THIS! Apparently it's a Star Trek style "Fun and Games" place that existed in the early 2000s.. (according to the gas station cashier) and closed down. It's got a putt-putt golf field behind it (completely overgrown and missing parts) and is for sale.
So being the geek that I am, I had to take photos for you guys....the crazy things you see in roadside america...;)
The website (seen below!) still works though, even though it apparently hasn't been open since 2005. They were looking to expand it to "Phase II" which included Planet-shaped buildings, and a hotel. The 2nd website has photos and a news story about it's construction with lots of photos...*pewpewpew!*

Here's what I found: