April 15th, 2009

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The Story aired an interview of James Griffioen yesterday, which you can listen to here. He's an urban explorer in Detroit, who talks about things he has found - and repurposed - in the ruins of Michigan. It's pretty fascinating to hear what he found left behind in homes, warehouses, and particularly what he took from abandoned schools - across to other schools, who could use the materials he spirited away.

Boat Graveyard, Bowling, Near Glasgow

I dragged my Mum over Bowling today, because I've been fascinated with this place since my parents moved up here. We pass it on the train every time we went to Glasgow, and I had to take photos of it one day.
Thier excellent security was a steel fence with a locked gate in it...and two fence struts missing. Although I'm not too sure my Mum enjoyed it, she was convinced we were going to get done for trespassing.


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