April 22nd, 2009


Holiday Catchup, the revenge.

I recently went on a week's holiday from Ireland. A country which seems to consist (at least in Rural areas) of an incredible number of abandoned buildings. In the end we only went in one, but we chose a good one...

We espied this one fenced off by a 6 foot tall, pointy metal, green fence. Now, we had no particular intention of trespassing despite my desire to go looksie; outside it, and visible from our distance were a couple of shipping containers; the building was obviously open though, and it was...tempting. We wandered along the 'new' path that people'd created alongside the fence which cut viciously across the path we'd been following. Suddenly the big green fence ended.

Then there were....a couple of strands of wires on poles....for a fence...

Then someone'd trampled the wires down. There was, essentially, no significant barrier. We um'd and ah'd. Kathryn reminded me of my nurse status. But standing there, in that isolated spot, it was clear that there was no activity, and no one around.

I stepped over the fence, explaining that Kathryn most definately didn't have to come with me and I'd be quick...

About 2 minutes later we were standing in a manor house built in 1799...
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This little shack is along my running/walking path, just towards the end.  I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and I had to upload pictures!  Unfortunately, I can't get into it because its blocked off, with quite a few warning signs and a pond surrounding it.  Too bad...cause I'm very curious to see whats in it!

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First post...

Hey guys!!  I've been watching since the last LJ spotlight, and finally have something to post!  I've always loved abandoned buildings (I can remember being 5 and wanting to fix up an old house across the street from our neighborhood that had been abandoned so I could live there), but have never had the courage to go explore one...until today.

These are of two seperate houses in Manvel, TX (a suburb of Houston).  The first I couldn't get in to, because it seems that all the doors and windows have been nailed shut.  The second I DID get into... quite easily, actually!

These aren't the most artistic pictures.  As I said before, this was my first attempt, and I was a bit nervous (needlessly so, it turns out).

Any feedback that you could give would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

House # 1

House # 2
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