April 30th, 2009

Hilltop Drive - Ellicott City, MD (Part One)

When I was younger, I spent the majority of my time kicking around Old Ellicott City, here in Maryland. I had a few friends who lived right off of Main Street, and we'd often take advantage of the lack of parental supervision we enjoyed and stay out for hours wandering around the town, exploring all the out-of-the way spots and old buildings.

One area we spent a bit of time at was Hilltop Drive. We'd often spend our weekend nights walking around the ruins of The Patapsco Female Institute looking for ghosts. In order to keep a low profile and avoid the cops, we'd leave our bikes on Hilltop and walk the rest of the way to Hell House (The Patapsco Female Institute).

Anyway, it's been a bunch of years since I've visited EC, and the other day my fiancee and I had the urge to drive around and enjoy the weather a bit. Our travels took us back to my old stomping grounds, and up Hilltop. Upon seeing the houses that I'll share with you folks in a few, I was shocked, saddened, and excited all at once. Shocked, because the houses we were driving past had changed so much since I had last seen them, saddened, because they had become broken, empty shells of what they once were, and excited because I would be able to explore them all over again.

I've been trying to find out what happened to the houses, and the answer seems to be that a few years ago, they were all set on fire within a short time span by a group of kids who had been using them as party houses. I wish I could express how pissed off and upset this makes me, that some...young assholes could do something like that to structures that still had so much potential. Now, they're just sitting there condemned, waiting to be razed. Such a waste.

Anyway, Here is part one of the pics. I was able to get a bunch of pics of multiple structures, but I don't want to picture-bomb you fine folks. As I've mentioned before - I'm most certainly not a professional, and I don't have really any gear (just a little point-and-shoot Canon) but I hope ya'll enjoy.

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Transformers 2: Abandoned Power Plant

The Transformers movies are well know for using many different abandoned locations. The newest trailer features another such place...

Go to 1:26, look familiar?

We had gone there about a month after Transformers 2 finished filming that location. That was a while ago to. It takes forever to make movies.