May 4th, 2009


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Took the kids hiking in the mist yesterday. Here is an abandoned farm. The lands and surrounding homes have been purchased by the US Forest Service and is being restored, somewhat. This barn will most liklely be demolotioned int he coming years.  They are thinking of putting a golf course in the meadow and a luxury high end like Statepark resort on the rise behind us...maybe....

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Abandoned Houses, Taiping, West Malaysia

I took these on a trip back to hometown in Taiping, West Malaysia. I was quite hasty with my shots (I didn't know if I was trespassing) so my apologies for the quality. I don't know what these houses were suppose to be, but they have been around for as long as I can remember when I was a child all the way back in the eighties (they were occupied then). They go back far longer than that, probably for another good two decades at least. I think they were civil quarters. They seem to have been abandoned back in the early nineties and have been left to decay since. Some were apparently still inhabited, while some partially or totally torn down. All are very cramped, containing only a single narrow living hall, one bedroom and a tiny kitchen. I think the unwary would be quite surprised as there appears to be no bathroom or toilet. But these were built in the days when the toilet was built separate at the rear of the house. I saw no signs of these which I believe have long since been torn down. Few years back, I recalled actually finding the base of these outback dunnies still complete with the squatting toilet bowl in the overgrowth.

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I don't really know much about what I found, other than that it was originally a jam factory. It was abandoned around the fifties, I believe, but no one really seems to know for sure.
Cambridge, Nova Scotia.

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Welcome to the E-Wing...

So last week I accidentally stumbled upon a PDF of a proposed bill for the demolition of a shopping center, and some things called the E-Wing, Morgue, and Power Plant. I did a little research and discovered I knew someone that had been here. Since it was supposed to rain all weekend long this seemed like a good spot to go to since it involved minimal walking. All of the buildings are connected with underground tunnels which is nice as well.

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